Welcome to Dream River Films

In early 2009, the State of Texas passed the Moving Image Incentive Program that went into effect on September 1, 2009. The program was designed to help the Texas movie production industry (along with TV programming, TV commercials and video gaming), to compete with other state programs throughout the country prospering by attracting projects of all sizes, due to the high cost of making movies in California, New York, and Chicago.  Texas is already seeing an increase and is positioned for dynamic growth over the coming years. Thanks to the Tax Stimulus, excellent talent, and the vast amount of production locations, Texas has become a major destination for Independent Production Companies providing this type of entertainment. Dream River Films is positioned to take advantage of this profitable business opportunity. 

From concept through production, Dream River Films,  is here to make your dreams come true, transforming ideas into images. Be it Industrial, Commercial, PSA, Music Video, Short Film, or Independent Feature, we have the correct people with the proper skill sets to handle any size project.

Check out our current project "1870 Texas" and recently completed project "Jail Wagon", in addition to "Courage" and more information within this site.

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